Weobley Parish Council

Council Policies

Parish Councils were set up under the Local Government Act 1972. Parish & Town Councils are the first tier of local government and a very important tier, as they are closest to the community. They are governed by Statute and have powers and duties that enable them to raise a precept and spend money within certain limitations of the law of the land.

At the Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council, the Standing Orders and Financial Regulations are adopted alongside a number of other important policies including the Council’s complaints procedure and Freedom of Information policy.

The Parish Council is now governed by the ‘Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities’. This code was first issued in 2014 to meet the government’s desire to place more power into citizens’ hands to increase democratic accountability. The Code shapes our audit regime and ensures that we are carrying out our duties in an open & transparent manner. It also defines the information that should be available and the format in which we must make it available.

The freedom of information publication scheme also lists public documents that must be available.

Relevant documents are available in the adjacent table.

Policy documents

Date Document
23-May-2017 Standing Orders
23-May-2017 Complaints Policy
22-May-2018 Financial Regulations
22-May-2018 Publication Scheme
22-May-2018 Risk Assessment Schedule